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 Biometics started in 1993, with a view of bringing optimized health supplements to the masses, little did he know that the company would become so popular. A part of the popularity stems from the high quality supplements that can really work wonders. Indeed, the supplements are superior to standard market products by virtue of their application of cutting edge technology.

At Biometics, extensive scientific research is undertaken to develop the supplements that are no less than revolutionary. Biometics has changed the way people look at nutrition. The supplements bring out the best possible blend of different nutritional constituents to have a positive effect on the health of the human body.

Often times, it so happens that we ingest high nutrient food but the body does not respond. This may be due to inability of the digestive system to absorb various compounds present in food. Biometics have come up with an effective solution to this problem. Many of the products are in liquid form, also known as Biocellular Micellization technology, a trademark of Biometics. This promotes enhanced absorption.

Biometics has 11 supplements that have various targeted health benefits.

Biometics Bio Immune: Biometics Bio Immune is an enhancer of the natural immune system of the body. Containing a host of nutrients, it increases the production of cells that perform the functions of the immune system.

Biometics Aloe Vera: This supplement enhances the functioning of the digestive system.

Biometics Bionite: Biometics Bionite is for people who have trouble shutting off their brain at night. This optimized drink with adequate amounts of melatonin gives your body a much deserved night’s sleep, Choline coupled with melatonin ensures that it does not become habit forming.

Biometics Get – Go – N Plus: This is an energy supplement that supplies the energy requirements of the human body throughout the day.

Biometics BioMega 3: This is a liquid version of fish oil supplements that are widespread in the market.

Biometics Bio Alert: This Biometics supplement increases the clarity and sharpness of the brain and keeps you alert.

Biometics Bio Fuel: Biofuel is an optimized blend of essential multivitamins and antioxidants that compensates for the inadequacies of the human diet.

Biometics CalMag 100: Bones require huge amounts of calcium and magnesium to maintain them. Biometics has come up with this product that provides the required amount of calcium and magnesium, along with optimum amounts of zinc.

Biometics Power Melt: Power Melt is a weight management tonic that burn down excess fat.

Biometics Cell Care: Biometics Cell Care is an excellent solution to the age old problem of ageing. This supplement combines 20 potent antioxidants in a formulation to avoid free radical damage.

Biometics Flexi Care Plus: Joints require a host of nutrients which are commonly absent from our daily diet. As a result, they lose their flexibility with age. Flexi Care contains the essential nutrients to keep joints in the best functioning state.

Biometics products are sold directly by distributors. This is a multi level marketing company that lets people set up their own business and bring financial freedom to their lives.