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The human diet is limited in its ability to provide the essential nutrient requirements to the body. This impedes its various functions and hinders the body’s well being. To counter this, Biometics Nutraceutical Company has come up with optimized nutritional supplements developed after years of extensive research.

A balanced diet may be an ideal solution to provide a wholesome nutrient supply to the body. But more often than not, the digestive system fails to absorb the nutrients. Biometics Nutritional Supplements come with the unique Biocellular Micellization Technology that makes the nutrients available in a liquid form, which leads to better absorption. This technology is a trademark of Biometics Nutritional Supplements and signifies a culmination of the scientific expertise the company can boast of.

With a number of supplements having various targeted effects, Biometics Nutritional Supplements come out in a range of products. Each supplement is customized and carries a high level of scientific expertise.

Following are the products of Biometics Nutritional Supplements.

Biometics Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is universally known as a healer and a soothing agent. Biometics Nutritional Supplements have processed and extracted the constituents of aloe and come up with a product that soothes the digestive system. It nurtures the inner linings of the intestine and promotes better absorbability.

Biometics Bio Immune: This Biometics Nutritional Supplement enhances the body’s disease resisting capacity. Bio Immune has appropriate amounts of vitamin C that balances the requirements of the body.

Biometics Bionite: This product induces, promotes and enhances sleep without having any detrimental effect on the body.

Biometics Get – Go – N Plus: This is a Biometics Nutritional Supplement that maintains a day long stream of energy throughout the day.

Biometics BioMega 3: Biometics has cashed in on the popularity of fish oil supplements by introducing fish oil extracts in a liquid form.

Biometics Bio Alert: Bio Alert is a nerve tonic that increases the focus and clarity of mental processes. It contains essential B vitamins coupled with choline.

Biometics Bio Fuel: This product supplements the daily nutrient requirements of the body. Bio Fuel contains a vast assortment of essential vitamins and minerals to promote the general well being of the body.

Biometics CalMag 100: This Biometics Nutritional Supplement provides the required quantities of calcium and magnesium to maintain the quality of the bones of the human skeletal system.

Biometics Power Melt: This supplement is known to promote enhanced metabolism of stored fats, thereby promoting natural weight loss in the human body.

Biometics Cell Care: With age, the body begins to decay at a cellular level. To arrest the development of ageing, Biometics Cell care supplies an assemblage of 20 high potency antioxidants that reduce the free radical damage associated with increasing age.

Biometics Flexi Care Plus: Biometics Flexi Care Plus is a joint care formulation that nurtures and cares for the joints along with the muscles associated with them. This supplement is fortified with MSM, Collagen Type I

Biometics Nutritional Supplements are made from 100% natural ingredients that have no adverse reactions on the body.