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What exactly is a Facebook messenger bot? At its most basic level, messenger bots provide a simplified method for companies to automate many common low-scale customer support functions. Rather than waiting on hold with a customer service representative to talk to someone at the other end of the phone, customers can simply chat with a chat bot to complete the initial stages of an RMA request, or to answer basic questions. This is an important development in customer support, since chat systems allow customers to interact directly with companies, which can improve both the quality and duration of interactions.

Messenger Bot technology is just one aspect of what’s happening within Facebook. The social network is rapidly adopting new technologies that will give it an edge over its competitors. One example is Facebook’s announcement that it’s acquiring social bookmarking site Delicious last month. According to Business Insider, Delicious co-founder Chris Griffiths will leave the company in May to take on the role as the head of product management at the social network. He’ll be responsible for the growth and maintenance of Delicious, which has an enormous user base.

Another area where Messenger Bot has an impact is in the area of apps. Unlike web-based apps, Facebook apps don’t require a server. Instead, they are hosted on Facebook’s own servers, allowing the site to scale up and down as needed. To make this easier for developers, Facebook has released a developer platform called Bot SDK. Businesses interested in creating apps can utilize the SDK to create client-side applications using HTML, Java, and prototype formats.

There is no doubt that Bot has had a big impact on Facebook. The messenger’s ability to send instant messages, make group posts, and forward messages to other Facebook users makes communicating with friends easier than ever. However, businesses have been slow to adapt, primarily because they are afraid of losing the control they have over their brand. By releasing Bot, Facebook hopes to make messaging more streamlined, easy, and personal.

In addition to making messaging more streamlined, Messenger Bots is also being utilized as customer service chatbot. This is especially important considering that many people do not feel comfortable chatting with representatives from major brands like McDonald’s or Walmart without first having them send them a message. A bot, like the one in Facebook, allows customers to chat with the representative without having to wait for a response. Since most customer service chat bots are Facebook-owned or have access to the Facebook network, the experience is exactly as one would expect from a brand representative.

With ChatFuel, we are seeing an exciting trend towards integrating Bots with customer service features to create personalized customer experiences. If you are building out a website with basic information about your company or brand, you may want to consider adding a Messenger Bot. Facebook has recently introduced ChatFuel as a new way to interact with fans, clients, and the media. Bot owners can make simple applications that make it possible for a Facebook fan or client to simply “like” your page, comment on an existing post, add information about themselves, post a message, and so much more. The possibilities are endless with this new platform.