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What is a chatbot? It is the automation of a chat room. A chat bot is simply a program that is used to perform an online chat conversation, instead of giving direct human interaction with a real human being. You might be asking yourself what a chat bot is if you are not aware of its potential use in today’s online chat rooms. It can be described as a system that is programmed to perform certain tasks, such as entering text into a chat box or forwarding messages to other chat users.

You might be wondering what makes a chat bot so special and how it can be beneficial for your business. The answer is quite simple. Unlike a human moderator who might be busy with many different tasks at once, a chat bot is limited to the number of messages it can take on and still remain helpful to the other participants in the chat session. Because the bot is only restricted to a certain number of conversations, the moderator can spend more time improving the conversation rather than addressing the ever increasing chatter.

Imagine if there was a bot that could handle thousands of conversations at the same time. You will have to spend less time in your office answering emails, posting in forums and chatting with clients. Imagine the time you can save in travelling to and from work. There are some chat bot systems that can hold up to 10000 conversations at a time! This would leave a lot of time for you to spend talking to clients and actually building your list of loyal customers.

Now, we already know what a chat bot can do but what about when the bot is interacting with another human being? Say for example that you want to advertise something on line, but are unsure of the specific person who will actually buy it. With the help of the latest conversational chat bots, you can actually narrow down your search for a particular product or niche market. If you only wanted to advertising products related to gardening, you would type in ‘garden tools’ or something similar and you will get thousands of suggestions.

When you are looking to purchase something for yourself or to send as a gift to someone else, you can rest assured that the chat bot will be able to help you out. They can look like any average human being and they can respond to queries, post messages and even ask questions. Their responses will appear on their screen for you to see. Depending on the software, you may also be able to interact with the chat bot using a keyboard. So now you can see where the whole idea of artificial intelligence and personalization comes in.

As mentioned above, most chat bots are programmed to mimic real people. Some of the latest models can even answer basic queries such as ‘What is that song’. However, one important thing to remember is that these chat Bots are not to replace real people, but to compliment them. This is why it is important to research each chatbot before deciding to purchase one. You should know what features it has and what it can do. This will allow you to make an informed decision.

Chat Bots are now available in all different types of formats including text based and video based chat Bots. With the use of the internet you can also connect your Bot to a website where you can upload files or just chat with it live. With all the advances in artificial intelligence technology this technology is set to become more accessible to the general public in the future. The future of chat Bots is indeed coming!

In order to receive suggestions/opinions/recommendations from your chat bot, you have to allow the chat bot to access your personal data. Some of this data includes your name, age, location, gender and much more. Once this is allowed, the chat bot will try and search for conversations that have similar subjects. It will then suggest topics it thinks you might be interested in. For example, if your chat bot is suggesting a movie that you are interested in buying; it will search for the words “hot”, “films”, “date”, “movies” and “watch” etc.