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Biometics Plus is a patented brand of contact lenses, with no preservatives or other additives. The original manufacturing process was unique, and it remains the first to the market.

biometics plus

An obvious question that follows from this: are prescription lenses safe for children? The answer is yes, but the risks are greater than when using regular contact lenses.

Contact lenses are composed of a specially prepared membrane made from a liquefied mixture of ingredients, which are then the reacted through natural biological processes, such as photochemical reaction. These components are responsible for the eyesight that your contacts provide. With Biometics Plus contact lenses, the same ingredients are used to create an eye-safe solution.

The difference between normal, disposable lenses and Biometics Plus is that the former do not have to be discarded, because of its special design and processing, resulting in their lower production cost. A few components of normal lenses are treated to inhibit bacterial growth. The lack of preservatives will ensure that the eye-safe components are as fresh as possible, and the better manufacturing standards ensure the safety of your child’s eyes, even after prolonged periods of wear.

Another special feature of Biometics Plus is that they are specially made for children. Unlike regular contact lenses, they are manufactured in a manner that allows them to be broken into pieces without damaging the eyes. This is a primary advantage over disposable lenses, as many of them are discarded before long enough for the eyes to recover their strength.

Additionally, the lens material and configuration to ensure that children’s eyes do not become irritated by the material, even when worn for a longer period of time. Finally, the lenses are completely disposable, and there is no added preservative.

Why would a parent choose to use contact lenses over prescription ones? The answer is simple: convenience. While a normal pair of contacts may last up to six months, biometric lenses offer better results and a longer lifetime.

Adults’ eyes may change from time to time. If you want to guarantee that your child is being well-taken care of, biometric lenses are a wise choice.

Besides acquiring children’s eyesight, which is only partly restored by regular lenses, biometric lenses can also help address some common problems in adults. Not only do they help cure corneal ulcers, a skin condition that affects several hundred thousand Americans, but they can also help treat glaucoma and other eye diseases.

There are several forms of these lenses. The two most popular are non-prescription glasses, which offer many advantages compared to prescription contacts, and prescription lenses, which allow the eyes to become stronger and healthier through improved vision.

If you have children, your eyes will most likely be free of the virus that causes blindness, which is called macular degeneration. If you find yourself at risk for this, Biometics Plus contact lenses will offer the best vision care that you can get.

With Biometics Plus, you can avoid prescription lenses and have the life of your eyes restored at the same time. This makes biometric contact lenses a wonderful combination of convenience and quality.