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Bioelectrics has been around for decades, but it was not until the early 1990s that an element of this technology found its way into medical applications. From this time, the field has experienced tremendous growth and is steadily making its way into the mainstream of medicine.

This technology has the ability to penetrate into the body’s physiology to monitor any type of activity, including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation, glucose levels, and others. By using this technology, doctors can more accurately and rapidly provide relief from chronic pain, nerve pain, arthritis, stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and many other conditions. Since all of these areas are linked together, any problems or irregularities in one area can affect the others.

For example, if someone with an irregular heart rate is put under anesthesia, their normal heart rate will be altered. When these changes occur, their blood flow is disrupted and they could feel pain, be at risk for depression, or other health problems as a result.

Many other people do not experience abnormal rhythms, but still have problems. This is where dielectrics and biofeedback come in. By using biofeedback to encourage the body to produce a certain rhythm, an individual can receive relief from pain, depression, or other mental or physical maladies.

A regular heartbeat can help relieve stress. Not only can someone with stress tension issues benefit from having a normal rhythm, but those suffering from back pain and migraines will be able to enjoy relief.

BIOMETICS is the use of dielectrics. It is the application of bioelectrics to any level of health care, including psychological, physical, and nutritional health.

Aside from monitoring a person’s heart rate, BIOMETICS can also be used to test a person’s cholesterol, normalize a diabetic’s blood sugar levels, test a patient’s weight, and even help monitor a healthy blood pressure. In the case of a cardiovascular disease, bioelectrics is used to raise levels of cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and monitor a person’s weight.

Once a person has been diagnosed with any chronic pain, using bioelectrics can help minimize and eliminate the pain. This is done by stimulating a particular group of nerves, which directly affects pain receptors. This is important because there are no pain receptors on the surface of the skin; rather, nerves are located deep within the tissue.

Bioelectrics can also be used to treat depression. Depression is linked to both a physiological and psychological breakdown in the body, and bioelectrics can be used to elevate moods and alleviate anxiety.

Unlike other types of dielectrics, which require patients to wear electronic items on their bodies, BIOMETICS is portable. This makes it ideal for use in the field.

BIOMETICS is often used for recreational purposes as well. In the case of runners and bicyclists, BIOMETICS is used to keep their feet and legs mobile, while they are doing something athletic.

While other dielectrics therapies exist, this one is especially useful in the treatment of chronic pain. It can be used as a supplement to standard therapies and has a longer shelf life than most other dielectrics.