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The Himalayan salt Amazon is one of the most impressive rainforests that can be found anywhere in the world. It is a cold and windy area, characterized by enormous tracts of thick greenery, which together with steep-sided and hilly terrain makes it a favorite location for trekking and hiking adventures.

Many times tourists are tempted to cross the border into South America to see the colorful forests and even their jungle. However, if you wish to go a bit further south to Tibet and behold the Tibetan Plateau, there are several reasons why the Himalayan salt Amazon would be an ideal destination. There are two main reasons that make this region such a favorite among travelers.

The first and most important reason is that there is no experience to compare to climbing the tallest peaks in this region. It is true that there are many long trekking trips that take tourists on a much more remote trekking route. However, when you climb the Himalayan salt Amazon, you are sure to be alone and allow your imagination to run wild. The endless, often technical climbs would leave your mind to run wild.

It is a strange fact, but there are also two other reasons why the Himalayan salt Amazon is so popular with adventurers. One of them is the climate that the place possesses. This region receives little rainfall and gets almost no sunshine during the summer months, which makes it hard to navigate.

The other reason that makes it such a preferred destination is that it is home to just the right amount of snow during the winter season. This makes the trekking and hiking experience very safe and comfortable for travelers.

The Himalayan salt Amazon is said to have been home to humans for quite some time. In fact, it is known to have been populated long before man was even believed to have arrived on the planet. This has made the area extremely fertile and has given rise to the name of Himalayan salt, which literally means “highland” in Sanskrit.

The region is known as the cradle of civilization in South America and is at the foot of the Piedmont mountains. Although it is not known exactly how long ago man’s existence here began, it is generally believed that the region was occupied by ancient people who were hunter gatherers. Their livelihood may have been dependent on the annual melting of glaciers but their lives were certainly much simpler than ours are today.

The Himalayan salt Amazon has seen some changes over the years. Though it remains sparsely populated, it is not uncommon to see someone in the region sporting a skirt or a singlet made of animal hides. These garments are typically made of the fur of animals that live there, as those skins can be very expensive.

While the wilder parts of the region have seen a gradual increase in tourism in recent years, there has also been an increase in the tourism industry in this region. In fact, some of the older villages still provide excellent service to tourists and have been reputed to be of excellent value for money.

For those who wish to get a longer, less hectic and more detailed experience, you could opt for one of the many tours that offer short backpackers trekking and hiking trips to see the unique beauty of the region. You can also opt for a three-week Indian tour package that features two week walking, hiking and backpacking trips to the Himalayan salt Amazon.

The area also hosts beautiful freshwater lakes and river rafting expeditions that offer exciting and affordable experiences for travelers. If you do plan to visit the Himalayan salt Amazon, you must make sure that you visit as many as possible. As there are many roads and accommodations in the region, it is not advisable to travel with just one car.