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Vitamins are important for health and it is not always easy to get all the vitamins the body needs through diet alone. There are a wide variety of vitamins that are available in liquid form and they have gained popularity over recent years. Liquid vitamins can have advantages over taking vitamins in tablet or capsule form.

Over one hundred essential vitamins and nutrients can be delivered in one or two doses of liquid vitamins. Several vitamin tablets would need to be taken to achieve this dose. These vitamins do not need to be dissolved or digested by the body and go directly into the bloodstream.

Liquid vitamins have a higher absorption rate than vitamin pills. The absorption rate of liquid vitamins is as high as 98% compared with only 20% with vitamin pills. The higher absorption rate means that the time taken for the vitamins to get to work is significantly reduced. The vitamins do not go through the normal digestive system which means they do not need to be dissolved by the stomach before they can be used by the body. Instead they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and therefore can be used by the body immediately.

Taking liquid vitamins is easier than taking tablets, particularly for children and the elderly. Liquid vitamins are the most common way of administering vitamins with children. They are available with sweeteners and flavor to make them more appealing to children. They are ideal for the elderly because as the body ages, the amount of hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach decreases. It is this acid that dissolves tablets in the stomach and this process may not be able to completed effectively in the elderly, meaning that vitamin tablets are not effective. Some people find it difficult to swallow tablets and vitamin tablets can be particularly bulky. For these people liquid vitamins may also be of benefit. If elders need lawyer’s help with estate planning, they can check it out here!  

Inclusive liquid vitamins are very cost effective compared with purchasing the individual nutrients in tablet form. Most liquid vitamins tend to be multivitamins and so as well as the advantage of cost, liquid vitamins also mean that there is no need to take a high number of tablets to ingest the same amount of vitamins.

Liquid vitamins contain antioxidants. Vitamins A, C and E are the most important antioxidants for keeping the body healthy. These vitamins are not produced by the body and so they need to be ingested. Antioxidants are believed to reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, heart disease and memory loss. They are also important for helping the other vitamins contained in the liquid vitamin dose do their jobs within the body.

Recent developments in the understanding of vitamins means that there are now over one hundred vitamins and nutrients that are considered to be essential for health. Vitamin supplements are an excellent way to ensure that the body has all the vitamins and nutrients it needs and liquid vitamins have several unique benefits over vitamin pills which make them even more effective.