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Biometics Flex is a biofeedback system that helps improve and regulate the way your body works to provide you with better health and well being. It takes the body through three stages of sensitization, where it is able to detect a wide range of potential health risks, as well as a peak performance level. This system works by using two main technologies; namely the patented BioLiaq Nanotechnology and the Projoba Omega Energizer nanospheres. With the use of these technologies in your body is able to work more efficiently and has a much higher threshold for detecting any potential risks or diseases.

biometics flex

The patented BioLiaq Nanotechnology uses patented materials which combine with the BioLiaq proteins to stimulate the production and release of the hormone, FSH. This stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete FSH, which helps to trigger the ovary to release an egg. It also stimulates the adrenal gland to produce cortisol, which provides the body with increased amounts of energy. The other technology used in this system by Biometics Flex is its proprietary combination of herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamins. These combine to form the proprietary blend of good herbs, amino acids and vitamins for the development and enhancement of the female body. These also help in the proper functioning of the endocrine system and the adrenal glands.

A key ingredient in the formulation of Biometics Flex is the patented blend of Good Herbs, specifically formulated to address common issues facing women today. These are herbs such as Black Cohosh, Ginseng, Hops and Milk Thistle. All of these are known to be excellent nutrition sources which have been used for generations to treat issues such as PMS, menopause, depression, high blood pressure and Osteoporosis. And all of these are all included in the formulas of Biometics Flex.

Another important ingredient in the formulation of Biometics Flex is Calcium, extracted from fossilized sea shells. This natural source has been proven to have strong antioxidant properties that can effectively combat free radicals, improving the overall health of the female body. Rhodiola Rosea has also been included as one of the good herbs included in the formulation of this system. Rhodiola is a plant extract used in the alternative health field for improving the nervous system, aiding in the recovery of damaged cells and stimulating the immune system. Other powerful ingredients used in the formulation of Biometics Flex include Yohimbe extract and Damiana leaf.

The core components of this innovative exercise system are the specially designed Flex Belt. This innovative belt contains a variety of electronic and manual gadgets that work together to provide your muscles with the full range of motion, they need to exercise effectively. The belt also uses a unique muscle monitoring system to ensure you get an intense workout every time. Also included in the belt is an exclusive pre-programmed exercise program. Using this system, you can easily get started on an exercise program that targets the major muscle groups in your body. It also includes a scientifically designed, pre-programmed workout chart that helps you track your progress during your workout.

The Flex Body Wraps and Fit Scrubs are the two major pieces of the entire program. The Fit Scrubs features an innovative compression design which helps eliminate the aberrations caused by the wearing of the braces and also reduce the discomfort that is part of any brace exercise program. The wrap-around design of the Fit Scrubs also reduces the occurrence of soreness in your muscles as you exercise. The wraparound design of the Fit Scrubs also prevents the aberrations caused by the stretching of the muscles and maximizes the amount of time that you can exercise without feeling soreness.

The Biometics Flex Body Wrap is a special component of the Flex Body System. This special wrapping is designed to help protect the skin from abrasive materials such as the handles of exercise equipment and also from the friction caused by the moving parts of the machine. The wrapping also helps increase the blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage and improve lymphatic function. The Biometics Flex Body Wrap works with you to ensure that you are comfortable from the very start of your exercise program and throughout. The system also features two mini-portable exercise bikes that you can use in addition to using the one included with the Fitness System.

The other main component of the Biometics Flex System is the Flex Workout Book. The book provides complete instructions for every workout, including the proper form for all exercises and the amount of weight you should be able to lift and move while doing each exercise. You can also get valuable advice from the Flex Workout Book regarding everything from how to set up your home gym to choosing the best workout clothes. The book also provides detailed descriptions of the various workouts, the recommended diet and the amount of time it will take to achieve your fitness goals. All the exercises in the Flex Workout Book are categorized according to their difficulty, which makes it easy for the beginner or the more advanced exerciser to work out according to his or her level of ability.