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What You Need To Know About Biometics International

Biometics International is one of the leading companies in the design and manufacturing of flooring. It has been manufacturing specialty tiles for more than 30 years. We offer a large selection of quality, trendy flooring products for both commercial and residential applications.

These products include new designs and enhanced colors for many different uses including hardwood floors, linoleum, laminate, vinyl siding, and much more. Their FloorMate product line also offers a wide variety of stone products and other flooring options to help you meet your flooring needs.

FloorMate, made from an electro-mechanical material called Anti-Fray, is an excellent all-purpose flooring for any surface. It can be applied in a wet state, dry, or a combination of both.

The material can be cut to any shape desired by laser, die cutting, or laser cutting. You can even choose your desired finish and color. Asphalt, vinyl, stone, sandstone, cork, ceramic tile, and more are available.

The products range from commercial grade flooring to commercial decorative flooring and elegant home flooring. Whether you are building a commercial facility or you simply want to add more flooring to your home, you can find exactly what you need with our flooring products.

Biometics International offers a variety of types of vinyl flooring including laminate, glazed, engineered, painted, tinted, and engineered wood laminate flooring. Another popular option is hardwood flooring made from recycled hardwood and recycled plastic.

Other popular options are laminates that are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. There are even special colors for every decorating need, such as browns, blacks, beiges, and different patterns and textures.

Biometics International is known for its versatility and quality in every project. From installation to restoration or refurbishment, the products are available for any purpose. You will be able to use them for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, not just in your home or business but on your property as well.

If you have ever considered using your new flooring in your home, then you will want to give Biometics International a try. This is the only flooring company that you should consider in your flooring needs.

You can count on Biometics International for quality and dependability, and you can count on its quality and workmanship. It is a very trusted name, and many people believe it is the only flooring company that is made entirely in the United States. It is proud to offer a wide range of flooring options that includes attractive, durable, and affordable flooring products.

We strive to produce a flooring product that enhances and improves the “sense of style” in any room, and this is done by producing products that are natural looking and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The new developments in the flooring industry are designed to allow the consumer to express their personal sense of style, and this is possible when you choose to install a Biometics International flooring product.

Biometics International is an American company that believes that every flooring project should be unique. They offer an extensive line of flooring products, and they believe you should have an opportunity to express your own sense of style, and this is accomplished by providing a design and type of flooring that best suits your needs.